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GEO5 is an intuitive software suite designed to solve a wide range of geotechnical engineering problems in a user-friendly graphical environment.


Software features

  • User-friendly graphical environment
  • BIM support (IFC, LandXML export)
  • Comprehensive text and graphical output for all analyses
  • Supports a large number of standards
  • Combination of Analytical and Numerical Methods
  • Easy interchange of data between programs


Solutions for Most Geotechnical Tasks
GEO5 is designed to solve most geotechnical tasks, from the basic ones (verification of foundations, walls, slope stability), up to highly specialized programs (analysis of tunnels, building damage due to tunneling, rock stability). Each GEO5 program solves definite structure type, so the customer can only select those he needs.

User-Friendly Interface
GEO5 is composed of individual programs with unified user interface, which is easy to use and does not require any special training..

From the Geological Survey to the Advanced Design
GEO5 is a comprehensive software suite that integrates geological data modeling with the solutions of all advanced geotechnical tasks.

Combination of Analytical Methods and FEM
Analytical verification methods provide effective and rapid structure design and verification. It is possible to transfer the analytical model into the FEM program, where the structure is verified by the finite element method. Comparison of two independent solutions contributes to increasing the safety and objectivity..

Programs Linked TogetherGEO5-programmi collegati

It is possible to transfer data between individual programs using Geoclipboard™, and several programs enable transfer of the whole structure for further analysis.

BIM Support
Our programs allow you to export to both IFC and LandXML common BIM formats for the use in third-party programs. Export keeps all elements description, soil parameters, and other object properties..

Supporting Many Standards
Geotechnical methods applied in GEO5 software are used all around the world. GEO5 adopts a unique system of implementing standards and partial factors, which are separate from the structure input. GEO5 has a database of standards, however it is possible to create own settings.

Comprehensive Outputs
GEO5 programs generate clear text and graphical outputs that can be easily edited according to needs of the user (add company logo, insert images). Created images are always up to date, according to latest data. Outputs can be printed directly from the program, saved as PDF or exported to external text editor (MS Word).

GEO5 2020 | Spring Update


News in GEO5 programs

Novità ParatieDouble row pile (Sheeting Check)
Refinement of mesh grid (Slope Stability)
Geoclipboard added to most programs
Undo/Redo functions added to most programs
New 3D modeling of walls with previews (Redi-Rock Wall)
Calculation of hybrid walls (Redi-Rock Wall)

News in Stratigraphy

Novità Stratigrafia•New templates (data organization and creation of output protocols)
Creation of input cross-sections from the 3D subsoil model
Directly defined faults
Editing of polyline in 3D view
Reduction of the number of imported terrain points

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